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Members' Articles

  • Guy Edwards lunching in Italy in May with the GPDC

    Quite A Guy

    The General Assembly of the Club always springs surprises and this year it was wonderful to welcome Guy Edwards to ...
  • Mike Anthony in the light overalls pushing Tony Brooks in the BRM in 1956 having temporarily repaired the throttle linkage

    Tony Brooks and the Dangerous 1950’s

    The reliability of grand prix cars today is hardly ever questioned. Technology and engineering progress has now ensured that the ...
  • Paul Frere being congratulated by Stirling Moss for winning the non-Champinship South African Grand Prix in 1960 with a Cooper-Climax. Stirling finished second (Photo Rob Young Archive)

    The Quiet Belgian – Paul Frere

    Many journalists have become involved in motor racing and driven racing cars but most of them raced in sports, GT ...
  • Jackie sitting in a Formula 1 car for the first time. Jim Clark gives him some advice before an impromptu run after practice during the British Grand Prix meeting 1964

    Jackie Stewart from Fifty Years Ago

    Recently on Television Jackie Stewart was interviewed about the early days of his racing career and I was quite amazed ...
  • Hans Herrmann

    The Life of Hans Hermann

    The Grand Prix Drivers Club has many members from Formula 1 World Champions to drivers whose careers in Formula 1 ...
  • Gabriele Fabbri with his “shark” helmet in 1978

    Gabriele Fabbri : The Shark

    Gabriele Fabbri featured large at our recent General Assembly at his hotel and spa, The Promenade in Riccione on the ...