Guy Ligier

Guy Camille Ligier 12 July 1930 – 23 August 2015

International motor racing and Formula 1 lost one of its greatest and enigmatic characters with the passing of Guy Ligier.

If one wanted to write a Hollywood script about a racing driver who started out with nothing, went on to race in Formula 1 late in life and then to found and run his own grand prix team then the Ligier story would be easy to adapt for the screen.

Jean Pierre Beltoise

In Memory of Jean Pierre Beltoise

Jean-Pierre Beltoise died in Senegal on Monday 5th January 2015. A motor sport legend has left us at the age of 77.

Everyone loved Jean-Pierre who dedicated part of his time to teaching road safety. He lost his first wife Eliane in a roadcar accident and later his brother Jean-Claude 500 meters from their family home. Everyone in the GPDC expresses their most sincere condolences to his family; to Jacqueline his dear blond wife and Anthony and Julien his sons and all his friends.