Congratulations Dieter and Martin

Our Grand Prix Drivers Club members Dieter Quester and Martin Brundle are celebrating significant birthdays this week.

Dieter, who was a staunch supporter of BMW in DTM racing also created quite a sensation when he ran BMW’s original Formula 2 car on the Nurburgring in the 1969 German Grand Prix. 

Contemporary film showed Dieter leaping in the air coming out of the Karrusel. and made spectacular viewing. His links with BMW came closer when he married Julianna von Falkenhausen, daughter of BMW’s competitions manager. Dieter celebrated his 80thbirthday on May 30.

Martin Brundle celebrates his 60th birthday today, June 1, thirty five years since he started in his first grand prix, in Brazil in 1984 in Ken Tyrrell’s 012 Tyrrell-Cosworth.

Then next week, on June 10 Sir Jackie Stewart will celebrate his 80th birthday fifty five years after he first raced a grand prix car, a Lotus in a non-champinship race in South Africa, just a week before he made his  World Championship Grand Prix debut also in South Africa but driving one of the Owen Racing BRM P261.

The Grand Prix Drivers Club sends best wishes to Dieter and Martin and of course best wishes to Jackie when his birthday comes along.

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