Howden Gets His Watch Back

Four years ago, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Grand Prix Drivers Club, the members attending the Annual Meeting in Stuttgart were presented by UBS with a special watch. Made by the Germany watch company Elysee it had printed on the face the Club insignia and the member’s name.

At Goodwood recently Club President Howden Ganley was horrified to see he had lost his watch somewhere in the 100 acres of Goodwood. However, imagine his surprise when Xavi Canovas found the watch lying in the grass. Seeing the name Howden Ganley written on the face Xavi made his way to the Drivers Club and handed it back to Howden.

“I am incredibly lucky that a very honest and smart guy was the one to find it. Here he is just after he brought it to me. He is a great bloke!”

Howard gets his watch back



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