The Art of Changing Gear

There has been some discussion on various internet forums about grand prix drivers and gear changing.

How quickly, for example, could Jackie Stewart change up through the gears using his foot on the clutch pedal with one hand on the steering wheel and changing gear with the other. It is a pretty pointless discussion if, for example, you were to see how quickly and how often Keke Rosberg, for example, changes gear with his paddles and electronics.

Thanks to Club member Tim Schenken, who forwarded this video on the American site, Racer.Com, one can not only marvel at the sheer speed of the gear changes but the constant hand and finger work needed to race a modern Formula 1 car.

Sit back and be like Rosberg seen here qualifying for the European Grand Prix at Baku.

Annotating wheel adjustments: Pole position lap – Europe 2016 from Mark4211 on Vimeo.


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