Of all the many historic racing events held in Europe it is the Goodwood Revival that is the magnet for many of our members. Lord March, the host of the event, likes to have as many big names as possible racing in his event and ensures that private owners either share or offer their cars to some of the leading drivers of the past and present.


This year, as usual, our most active members at the event were Jackie Oliver and Richard Attwood who demonstrated their versatility in a variety of cars but it was Martin Brundle who was the most successful as he won the prestigious RAC TT Celebration which is a two driver long distance event that attracts the bulk of our participating members. Martin this year was sharing a lightweight E type Jaguar with noted Red Bull grand prix designer Adrian Newey. They also set up the fastest lap in the race.

Jackie Oliver was second in the Fordwater Trophy driving a Lotus Elan, a car that he raced back when it was new and he was a member of Team Lotus, however, his most outstanding drive was in a most unlikely car, a BMW800. Most of us remember the tiny BMW800 which was a small economy car that was built alongside the luxury BMW 507 V8 sports car but few would see it as a racing car. However, Jackie threw the car flat out through all of the corners at Goodwood and proved much faster than many of the higher powered cars in the race.

Probably our two most unlucky drivers were the ever smiling Arturo Merzario and Vern Schuppan who failed to finish in both their races. They were both driving different Ferrari 250GT SWBs but both cars retired. In his other race Arturo again battled hard in one of the tiny Fiat Abarth 750 Zagatos before it expired and Vern had to drop out of the same race when driving a Borgward Isabella TS. On the whole, however it was good to see so many members out there racing again and meeting their fans.We look forward to even more taking part this year. Meanwhile below are the final placings of all our members at Goodwood.

Fordwater Trophy (GT Cars)
2nd Jackie Oliver (Lotus Elan)

Freddie March Memorial Trophy
5th Richard Attwood (Austin Helaey 100S)

RAC TT Celebration.
1st Martin Brundle (Jaguar E type)
3rd Tiff Needell (Jaguar E Type)
6th Richard Attwood ( Lister-Jaguar Coupe)
10th Danny Sullivan (Ferrari Drogo Coupe)
14th Jackie Oliver (Ferrari 250GT SWB)
19th Derek Bell (Ferrari 250GTO)
20th Derek Daly (Aston Martin DB4GT
23rd Jochen Mass (Maserati 151/3)


Arturo Merzario (Ferrari 250GT SWB)
Vern Schuppan (Ferrrari 250GT SWB)

Richmond and Gordon Trophy
4th Richard Attwood (Aston Martin DBR4)

Shelby Cup
6th Richard Attwood (AC Cobra)
9th Vern Schuppan (AC Cobra)
13th Henri Pescarolo (AC Cobra)
16th Brian Redman (AC Cobra)

St Marys Trophy

Race 1
3rd Jackie Olver (BMW 600)
8th Tiff Needell (Jaguar Mark VII)
11th Rupert Keegan (MG Magnette)
12th Derek Daly (Sunbeam Rapier)
18th Derek Bell (Jaguar Mark 1)

Arturo Merzario (Fiat Abarth 750)
Martin Brundle (Austin A35)
Vern Schuppan (Borgward Isabella TS)

Richard Attwood Busiest at Goodwood

The Goodwood Revival meeting for historic cars always attracts a number of members who look out their racing suits and crash helmets to take part in a variety of different racing disciplines at Goodwood. This year Richard Attwood was probably the busiest of our members finishing 4th in an Austin Healey 100S in one race, 6th in the TT Celebration in a Lister-Jaguar Coupe, 6thin the Shelby Cup with an Shelby Cobral and 4th in the Richmond and GordonTrophy in a rare AstonMartin DBR4 grand prix car.


Our members also featured in the following races;

Fordwater Trophy for Spots cars: 2nd. Jackie Oliver in a Lotus Elan, RAC TT Celebration: Martin Brudle with designer Adrian Newey in a lightweight Jaguar E type, 3rd,Tiff Needell in a Jaguar E type, 10th Danny Sullivan with John Hugenholtz in a Ferrari 250GT Drogo, 13th Jackie Oliver with Red Bull team manager Christian Horner with a Ferrari 250GT SWB, 19th Derek Bell with Jon Shirley in a Ferrari 250GTO, 23rd, Jochen Mass with a MaseratiTipo 151/3 and Vern Schuppan who retired with another Ferrari 250GT SWB.
There was a special race this year honouring our former member Carroll Shelby with a big field of AC Cobras, as we have seen Richard Attwood was 6th but Vern Schuppan took 6th, Henri Pescarolo 13th and Brian Redman 16th. Even the Touring car race saw Derek Bell in a Mark 1 Jaguar 3.4 take 18th, Tiff Needell in 23rd with an even older Mark VII Jaguar, our favourite Italian, Arturo Merzario in 28th with a little 750cc Fiat Abarth and again Vern Schuppan had bad luck to retire but this time with a Borgward Isabella TS. Finally in the Sussex Trophy Brian Redman in an AstonMartin DBR1 sports car finished 13th and Danny Sullivan did not finish with a Ferrari 860 Monza.

Overall the performance of the Club members stood up well against the young hotshoes that are now dominating historic racing.