It would be a good quiz question. How many grand prix drivers have won a grand prix on their birthday?

It is quite surprising that August and September seem to be popular birthday months for grand prix drivers. For example Esteban Gutierrez was 25 on August 5, Nico Hulkenberg, 26, on August 19, Filipe Nasr, 24 on August 21 and club member Mark Webber 40 on August 27. Add to that Carlos Sainz (22) on September 1, Marcus Ericsson (26) on September 2, and on September 17  we have Esteban Ocon (20), Sir Stirling Moss (87) and Damon Hill (56).

So how about those birthday boy winners? Sebastian Vettel at the Austrian Grand Prix this year, James Hunt at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1976 and Jean Alesi at the Canadian Grand Prix of 1995. On Sunday (August 28) we could have another birthday winner if Valtteri Bottas wins the Belgian Grand Prix driving his Williams.

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