Yves Giraud-Cabantous

Marius Aristide Yves Giraud-Cabantous (8 October 1904 – 30 March 1973) was a racing driver from France. He drove in Formula One from 1950 to 1953, participating in 13 World Championship Grands Prix, plus numerous non-Championship Formula One races.[1]

Giraud-Cabantous was born in Saint-Gaudens. He drove a Talbot-Lago-Talbot in 10 Championship races in 1950 and 1951, and his final three events were in an HWM-Alta. He amassed a total of 5 Championship points, 3 at the 1950 British Grand Prix (also his highest finish, a 4th place) and 2 at the 1951 Belgian Grand Prix.[2] He died in Paris, aged 68.