John at the wheel of a his Ferrari 158-63 grand prix car

John Surtees ( CBE. OBE. MBE.) 11 February 1934 – 10 March 2017

 John Surtees, 1964 World Formula 1 Champion, died on Friday, March 10, in St Georges Hospital in London. He had gone into hospital for treatment on a respiratory condition a few weeks ago and his wife Jane and daughters were with him when he died. Our members remember John : Sir Jackie Stewart: “John Surtees…

Michael MacDowel

Michael MacDowel 13 September 1932 – 18 January 2016

The last six months have been saddened by the loss of a number of our members and on Monday January 18 Michael MacDowel died following a long illness. Michael was quiet spoken, friendly and popular at our various events. He  had two careers in motor sport, one in motor racing and the other in Hill…

Maria-Teresa de Filippis 11/11/26 – 09 /01/2016

A Message from Theo Huscheck Dear  all Thank you all for your nice thoughts and your support in these difficult days for me and my family. Best regards Theo Just two months ago we were congratulating our Honorary Club President, Maria-Teresa de Filippis on reaching her 89th birthday but today we mourn her passing after…

Guy Ligier

Guy Camille Ligier 12 July 1930 – 23 August 2015

International motor racing and Formula 1 lost one of its greatest and enigmatic characters with the passing of Guy Ligier.

If one wanted to write a Hollywood script about a racing driver who started out with nothing, went on to race in Formula 1 late in life and then to found and run his own grand prix team then the Ligier story would be easy to adapt for the screen.

Eric Thompson November 4 1919 – 23 August 2015

There could be no better representative of the traditional “gentleman” driver than Eric Thompson who died last weekend at the age of 95, one of our oldest members. [Row][Column]A passionate enthusiast for motor racing from his schooldays his great hero was English driver Richard Seaman. However, any thought of racing had to be put aside…